Tree Surgery

Tree surgery can be necessary in order to keep trees contained within their location, allow more light to adjacent properties and to improve a tree’s aesthetic appearance. Occasionally, the risk of branch or complete failure of a tree may necessitate pruning or removal. Pruning can in some cases reduce the risk a tree may pose to the structural integrity of property and stabilise foundation movement.

Our initial advice to potential clients is with conservation in mind. At Classic Gardens we pride ourselves in adopting a caring policy by advising sympathetic but effective tree management techniques in both commercial and domestic applications.

Crown Reduction 
The reduction in the size of a trees crown with the aim of leaving a healthy tree that maintains a natural shape, balance and appearance. It is normally specified in percentage terms that the crown is to be reduced by. This technique is used for many reasons such as to reduce wind resistance, water up-take, to control the size of a tree in a restricted environment or to allow more light through.

Crown Thinning 
This procedure involves the selective removal of branches evenly within the tree’s crown to allow more light through and reduce wind resistance. This method does not reduce the size of the tree and it also helps to improve the look of the tree.

Crown Raising
This method uses Selective removal of the lower branches which raises the canopy of the tree. this is a good way of improving light levels and can benefit lawns and under plantings. It’s more suitable for younger trees as if applied to mature trees will leave large wounds.

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